RRAT’s Y-Mountain, Y-Gravel e Y-Minimal: ¿cuál es para mí?

RRAT’s Y-Mountain, Y-Gravel and Y-Minimal: which one is for me?

Choosing optimal footwear for each occasion is essential to be able to fully enjoy your adventures in the mountains, asphalt, or beach and avoid possible complicated situations due to not wearing the appropriate footwear at that moment. In this blog, we will explain the characteristics and differences of each RRAT's mountain sandal: the RRAT's Y-Mountain, RRAT's Y-Gravel, and RRAT's Y-Minimal.

RRAT’s Y-Mountain, a very technical sandal

We will start by talking about the RRAT's Y-Mountain, a sandal designed especially for those people who do routes in the high mountains on difficult and technical terrain.

With 16m/m and three sole densities, RRAT's Y-Mountain sandals provide comfort, cushioning and traction in equal parts. In the first of these, we have low-density EVA rubber (better comfort) with non-slip engraving and 4 m/m thickness. The medium-density EVA rubber with cushioning save of 8 m/m thickness would be the second density, and finally, we find the 4m/m-thick Vibram Megagrip Megalugs sole.

As general characteristics of the entire part of the sole, we can highlight its high cushioning / plantar protection, in addition to having 0 drop (completely flat) and a wide last to have total freedom in our feet.

Vibram Megalugs is a sole designed by the Italian brand Vibram, one of the best on the market in mountain footwear. In this case, the sole has Megagrip technology, a high-performance composition for long distances and technical terrain. These soles are ideal, as they adapt perfectly to all types of feet footprints and offer great durability.

To have perfect foot support RRAT's Y-Mountain mountain sandals have polypropylene straps. A recyclable material that repels water, humidity, dirt and allows fireproof and antibacterial treatments. Plus, it's very easy to clean, and we all like that, right?

Don't hesitate to opt for RRAT's Y-Mountain sandals if you are an adventurer who likes technical terrain! Do you want to know more about these sandals? Here, we leave you a blog that explains all its details.

RRAT’s Y-Gravel, an all-terrain mountain sandal

If in your free time you are one of the people who prefers to take a walk in the mountains, on not very complicated terrain, or through the streets of your town or beach, we present RRAT's Y-Gravel sandals, ideal for all types of activities!

Comfortable, with high cushioning and 0 drop, this is the sole of the Y-Gravel. To achieve these properties, it has three different densities, like its sister, the Y-Mountain, but with different characteristics.

The first of them which is the one we touch directly with our foot, is made with low-density EVA rubber with non-slip engraving and 4 m/m. In the middle layer, we find the medium-density EVA rubber with 8 m/m thick cushioning save, and finally, in the part of the sole that directly touches the ground, we have the Vibram Claw rubber with 3 m/m thickness.

Vibram Claw is one of the soles manufactured by the same Vibram brand, currently one of the best and most reliable on the market. This component promises great grip and adhesion on all surfaces, whether dry or wet. In addition to being made with highly durable and waterproof materials, if you step in a puddle the water will not transfer to your feet.

On the other hand, its treads allow the sole to clean itself as we walk, making them very easy to clean. This brings us to the RRAT's fastening tapes, whose material, polypropylene, is even easier to clean than cotton, so you won't have to spend a lot of time cleaning them. In addition, its technology allows fireproof and antibacterial treatments without the material being damaged.

Do you want to discover more about this complete sandal? Visit our Y-Gravel blog and find out all the details!

Try “barefoot” with the Y-Minimal sandals

Feel every step you take and feel free with RRAT's finest sandals, the Y-Minimal.

They have an ultra-thin 2-density sole, which together is 6 m/m thick. The first of them is EVA rubber with 3 m/m cushioning save, a material that offers cushioning with each step. The second density, which is the one that directly touches the ground, is the 3 m/m Vibram Claw rubber.

The Vibram Claw rubber from the Italian company Vibram is characterized by providing excellent grip on all surfaces, in addition to offering comfort to the user thanks to its wide last and 0 drop, allowing a natural stride while maintaining the usual structure of the foot.

Like its two older sisters, the Y-Minimal is also made with recyclable materials; in fact, 80% of the sandal is composed of these materials. The straps that secure our foot to the sandal are one of the most sustainable parts, as they are made with polypropylene, a recyclable material that is more durable than cotton.

However, this is not the only sustainable aspect of the sandal. The soles, manufactured by Vibram, the Italian company that is a pioneer in the world of hiking and mountaineering, are produced using 60% renewable energy. Additionally, they are committed to industry innovation, steering towards a more sustainable path, and showing dedication to generating benefits for society and the planet.

Discover more about the barefoot sandals available at RRAT's in the special Y-Minimal blog – you won't want to miss it!

Which RRAT's is the best for my adventures?

Now that you know all the characteristics of our RRAT's, you just have to decide which one best suits your needs.

If your routes generally involve flat terrain, whether in the mountains, at the beach, or in the city, with minimal difficulty, the best option for you will be the Y-Gravel or the Y-Minimal. The choice depends on whether you prefer a standard sole or an even thinner one to feel everything under your feet.

On the other hand, if your adventures take you to uneven, highly humid, and technical terrain (such as high mountain areas), your ideal RRATs will be the Y-Mountain.