Outdoor Sandals

Key Points

  • 1. Natural Fit

    Wide, flexible last = Open, relaxed toes.
    Keep your feet free!

  • 2. Ankle adjustment

    Ergonomic 3D format for perfect ankle support

  • 3. Cushioning

    Protection and security in all terrains. Feel free to walk on any surface/terrain!

  • 4. Drop 0

    Completely flat: no variation in height between the heel and the toes.

  • 5. Sustainability

    We take care of the environment: Recycled materials and materials from natural resources.
    We are members of “1% for the planet”


Inspired & Designed & Made in the Mediterranean Area

PROXIMITY allows CONTROL and QUALITY on the final product.

At RRAT'S we offer versatile footwear, without the terrain or conditions being a limitation for the footwear, with an eye on the quality and sustainability of the product.

Our origins go from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees. Our identity: Outdoor sports and nature.

Let no terrain stop you!

"1% for the planet" MEMBER

Because the planet matters

Our humble financial contribution to the planet is based on giving 1% of annual turnover to finance environmental purposes through the organization "1% for the planet".

STOP "Greenwashing"

Not only compliant with economic contributions for a better planet, at RRAT's Outdoor we manufacture with sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials, taking into account everything from the raw material to the final product.

KM. 0

Our factories are close to our HQ, favoring the local economy and saving CO2 in transportation.

Parts of RRAT's sandals

Rubber: Vibram

Sole / midsole: 3 different densities

Shape: comfortable last and roomy "toe box"

Drop: 0mm

Tape: 3D PP-CSLN

RRAT’s Outdoor World

  • Y-Mountain

    An unusual sandal in the world of sports sandals, due to its different uses, in very different environments. From technical mountain trails to walks or walks on the slopes and to practice any water sport, we guarantee that RRAT's sandals will be your best companions on all your adventures.

  • Y-Gravel

    Are you an adventurous traveler?

    The RRAT's Y-Gravel is your ideal travel companion in the world of sports sandals. We offer you sandals made in a sustainable way, which will adapt perfectly to your foot, providing you convenience and comfort on your trips.


  • Designed and manufactured in the Mediterranean area

    All manufacturing procedures are in the EU, from the first raw material to the final product.

  • Sustainability

    We care a lot about the environment. We monitor and procure every process.

  • Quality

    Approach = Control = Quality. We ensure from the raw materials to the manufacture of the product for excellent quality.

  • Natural design

    Our designs are based on the nature of the human body and our environment.

Our history

At RRAT's, we enjoy and love nature.

We make high-quality sandals for all terrains with simplicity, using the latest technology, with the best environmental efforts, and providing the best grip and comfort.

Our sandals have long-lasting durability, extraordinary ankle support, and drop 0.

RRAT's are produced, designed, and managed at the foot of Montserrat, a unique mountain on the outskirts of Barcelona, which we see from the window of our HQ.

Therefore, the roads and surroundings of Montserrat are our playground and R&D center, where we can see and be inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains.

And hence our name: RRAT's! Because we are part of MontseRRAT!

And the reason? Exactly because our ambition is to design sandals to be able to take, from a walk along the seashore, to walking along any mountain path... with only one shoe!

Go outside, enjoy nature... and take your RRAT'S!

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