Sandalias de montaña RRAT’s Y-Mountain, ideal para terrenos técnicos

RRAT’s Y-Mountain mountain sandals. Ideal for technical terrain

Are you one of those people who prefers to do technical routes and don't know which mountain footwear best suits your needs? So, we present RRAT's Y-Mountain mountain sandals, designed especially for technical terrain.

Keep reading and discover all features, materials and advantages of this model!

A sole with many purposes

Just like closed-toe hiking shoes, hiking sandals also provide advantages and comforts. For many people, they are a perfect match. You can keep your foot fresh throughout the mountain excursion without worrying about sweat or disagreeable odors.

RRAT's Y-Mountain sandals provide high cushioning so you can feel free and comfortable with every step. In addition, they also have Drop 0, a completely flat sole, so that there is no variation in height between the heel and toes.

This quality and proximity product has a sole with three different densities and thicknesses that offer traction, cushioning and comfort. In it, we find the first part of the sole, which would be the one that we touch directly with the foot. Maded with 4 m/m thick non-slip low-density EVA rubber, the sole allows us greater grip fot itselve and on our foot.

If we go to the central part of the sole, we find the medium-density EVA rubber with cushioning save of 8 m/m, which provides extra cushioning to the RRAT's Y-Mountain. The 4 m/m thick Vibram Megalugs sole is the last of the densities. Its designed to be able to walk on hard technical terrain.

The sandal has a wide last. It's a notable characteristic since it provides comfort and freedom to the toes, allowing them to move with liberty.

What is Vibram Megalugs?

Vibram Megalugs is a sole designed for technical mountain areas, made with Megagrip technology from the pioneering Italian brand Vibram.

This technology was carried out after long years of research since they wanted to bring a sole that could be used on all types of damp, wet, muddy terrain, etc., but they also wanted it to be durable and resistant. So, they created Megagrip technology, a high-performance composition ideal for traveling long distances.

Vibram soles are among the most reliable options on the market, offering users a promise of comfort thanks to their rubber soles, which adapt perfectly to various types of footsteps. They also provide excellent grip on challenging terrains and boast impressive durability. Furthermore, it's worth noting that all Vibram models are eco-friendly, with at least 60% of their energy sourced from renewable sources to minimize their environmental impact.

Additionally, Vibram soles are highly user-friendly when it comes to maintenance. Their tread patterns with greater depth, facilitate self-cleaning, allowing the soles to naturally shed dirt and debris.

The best support for your adventures

The RRAT's Y-Mountain have polypropylene straps as a grip method between the sandal and the foot.

The material of these tapes has been chosen to be more environmentally friendly, since the production process is more sustainable and favors the circular economy thanks to its ease of recycling.

On the other hand, polypropylene is much easier to wash than cotton. It doesn't lose its original color due to repeated and prolonged use of the sandals, so it is durable and resistant. In addition, it allows fireproof, antibacterial treatments and repels water, humidity, and dirt. Perfect to use whenever and wherever you want!

The support straps have a 3D ergonomic design, fitting perfectly to each person's ankle. They also have Velcro on the back and side for a more personalized grip.

Are RRat’s Y-Mountain sandals for you?

RRAT's Y-Mountain mountain sandals are designed especially for the most adventurous who seek to practice sports on more technical and difficult terrain.

RRAT's sandals are characterized by their comfort, stability, lightness and safety. Furthermore, all its materials, both the sole and the fastening straps, have been manufactured under strict sustainability rules, without forgetting that the brand is one of the allies in the environmental project 1% for the Planet%.

So, if you are looking for a environmentally friendly technical sandal, the RRAT's Y-Mountain is perfect for you!

Take care of your RRAT's for a long duration

Although RRAT's mountain sandals have been manufactured with high quality materials to offer the greatest durability to the user, they must also be cared for, so here are some tips for cleaning your RRAT's every time you finish one of your adventures.

First of all, it's not necessary to do a deep cleaning every time you use your mountain sandals. Everything will depend on the level of dirt they have.

Our recommendation is that, after each use, they be cleaned a little with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt that may have become embedded in the straps and the sole.

If, on the other hand, the sandal has been worn for a very long period of time and has been used in mud or water, it is advisable to wash them more thoroughly. The RRAT's sandlas can be washed in the washing machine, but we prefer to wash them by hand with a soft bristle (filament) brush.

As for cleaning products, you can choose either the soap and water option or products from other brands specialized in shoe cleaning. In any case, cleaning should be gentle without rubbing too hard because the sandal may be damaged.

Ready to keep your RRATs looking new?