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RRAT'S Y-Gravel

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The RRAT's Y-Gravel is a sandal made with sustainable materials and of the best quality, designed to adapt perfectly to your feet, offering you comfort, stability, lightness and protection in equal parts.

Their tapes are produced with materials very similar to cotton, but they are much more sustainable, and they are also quick-drying. They will provide you with a perfect fit to the foot, thanks to its 3D format with a bidirectional sense and that allows adjustment of both the heel and the instep. The padded format makes them very comfortable and pleasant and transmits the perfect fit to the foot to enjoy any type of terrain or unevenness.

With a very flexible “sole” that allows the feet to bend and move naturally, the RRAT's Y-Gravel offers torsional stability, good cushioning and plantar protection. As if that were not enough, its Vibram Lisk® sole will provide you with the best performance on multiple terrains.

Product information

Weight: 180gr

Sizes: 4 us (37 eur ) / 14 us (47 eur)

Sole type: Vibram Claw

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RRat's Y-Gravel Sandal

For the urban explorer traveler, day to day in the city and somewhat technical hikes in the mountains.

Vibram Claw sole / Cushioning and comfort / Wide and comfortable last / Drop 0

Y-Gravel is a light sandal suitable for any type of activity. It offers countless uses, from somewhat technical mountain paths, daily walks or use in the city, being the perfect ally for your trips and for those looking for a single shoe for all the activities, conditions and terrain of their next adventure.

Y-Gravel offers plantar stability, security in your step and very good and comfortable cushioning.

Be yourself, wear some RRAT's and enjoy the wonderful world you visit!

Technical characteristics

● Sole: Rubber Vibram Claw
● Sole / Midsole: 3 different densities:
ㅤ· Grip on all surfaces
ㅤ· Cushioning
ㅤ· Absorption / Comfort
● Thick Sole:
ㅤ· Non-slip low density EVA: 4 m/m
ㅤ· EVA medium density cushioning save: 8 m/m
ㅤ· Vibram Claw: 3 m/m
● Last: Wide and comfortable. Free fingers
● Drop: 0 mm
● Sizes. 4 US (37 EUR) / 14 US (47 EUR)
● Weight: 185 gr (US9 –42 EUR)
● Tapes: 3D PP-CSLN

3D PP-CSLN Tapes

● More sustainable production process.
● It promotes the circular economy, being able to be recycled as many times as desired very easily.
● Easier to wash than cotton.
● Does not lose color.
● Does not cause pilling.
● It is more resistant than cotton.
● Resistant to acids and alkali, does not burn.
● Repels water, humidity and dirt.
● Allows treatments: fire retardant, anti-bacteria.


  • Designed and manufactured in the Mediterranean

    All manufacturing procedures, from the first raw material to the final product, are from the EU.

  • Sustainability

    We care a lot about the environment. We monitor and monitor everything we do.

  • Quality

    Proximity = Control = Quality. We work from the origin of the raw materials to the product manufacturing process to ensure and maintain excellent quality.

  • Natural design

    Our designs are based on the nature of the human body, strictly following our environment.

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