Descubre las nuevas RRAT’S Y-Minimal. Nuestras sandalias más minimalistas

Discover the new RRAT'S Y-Minimal. Our most minimalist sandals

Feeling the earth with every step is now possible with the new RRAT's Y-Minimal, our most minimalist footwear. A wardrobe essential for those looking for comfort, style, and lightness on their adventures. Do you want to know more? We tell you all its characteristics here!

This launch is strong for those looking for simple but technical footwear in equal parts, minimalism in its pure essence. It is a light mountain sandal, weighing less than 150 grams and fully adjustable to the needs of each foot.

Y-Minimal, a commitment to barefoot footwear

Enjoy the barefoot essence and rely on the natural movement of your feet on your outings. The Y-Minimal sandal has a 6mm thick sole, ideal for adapting to the terrain but protecting the foot when walking. The Vibram Claw sole will provide comfort and grip on all terrains.

It is a versatile, functional sandal that will adapt to all types of plans, from walking/running, traveling, day to day and activities in the water. In addition, their lightness and flexibility make them a great alternative for adventurers with little luggage space. It won't take up space in your backpack, and you will have comfortable, wide-fitting shoes for your feet.

Technical characteristics of the Y-Minimal mountain sandals

The Y-Minimal sandals have a wide fit and offer total freedom to the toes. In addition, they incorporate a sole that facilitates grip on all surfaces and guarantees cushioning and impact absorption.

The technical sole is combined with 3D PP-CSLN tapes, a resistant material that repels water, humidity and dirt for easier maintenance. This material does not lose color and is easier to wash than cotton, and it also prevents the “pilling” effect even with continued use.

The straps offer adjustable ankle grip to achieve optimal support even on uneven terrain. This is essential to avoid possible chafing or discomfort during the activity.

Suela Vibram Claw, quality guarantee for your feet

The quality of the sole is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring durable and comfortable footwear. The Y-Minimal features a 3mm 'cushioning save' layer made of EVA rubber, complemented by the 3mm wide Vibram Claw. All of these elements ensure a safe impact without compromising the shoe's flexibility during walking.

The sole's structure guarantees a 'Drop 0' in the sandal, meaning there is no difference in height between the toe and the heel of the shoe. This promotes a more natural and efficient stride, maintaining the foot's natural structure during movement.

Sustainability, a priority in the RRat's production process

At RRAT's, we firmly believe in the possibility of sustainable and environmentally responsible production. The Y-Minimal are composed of 80% recycled or recyclable materials, in addition to being produced sustainably. This commitment ensures that we use materials and engage in productive activities that are in harmony with our planet.

Our dedication to improvement extends beyond the production process; we also embrace the 'Kilometer 0' approach. Our factories are strategically located near our headquarters, which not only supports the local economy but also reduces CO2 emissions from transportation.

Moreover, we proudly participate in the '1% for the Planet' initiative, an organization dedicated to environmental well-being. As part of our commitment, we donate 1% of RRAT's annual turnover to support environmental causes.

A versatile sandal for all your adventures

While its technical characteristics ensure the quality of this sandal, the versatility will make it a favorite in your wardrobe. The RRAT's Y-Minimal is a barefoot sandal with a minimalist style that adapts to all your plans.

Whether you're a fan of mountain sports or prefer city strolls, the RRAT's Y-Minimal is the perfect match for your feet. Its versatile black design is not only resilient but also easy to clean—a valuable addition to your shoe collection.

During the warm months, your feet will stay fresh and enjoy complete freedom of movement. When the cold weather arrives, you can pair them with technical tabi-style socks to continue using them throughout the season. It's a commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption.