RRAT's inspiration: Our land

We love our environment. We are passionate about both sunrises and sunsets, whether at the top of the mountains or by the sea. Any excuse is good to walk through the mountains, the forest, or the 'caminos de ronda'...

We feel lucky to live where we live, where nature is part of our daily life. From being close to the steep cliffs that embrace the sea, the lush forests and excellent mountains where you can practice countless sports. The orography of our land is our particular “patio”.

RRAT'S: Your best travel companion

So, having so much beauty nearby, it would be a pity not to be able to enjoy it at every moment, at any time, in all seasons of the year. We want to travel every inch, every corner comfortably, agilely, safely, feeling every step and enjoying everything from our Mediterranean to the most demanding Pyrenees.

That is why we have developed RRAT'S, the versatile footwear and sandals we've always dreamed of. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Ideal for traveling, walking, and running, these chameleon sandals provide a secure grip on any terrain, whether rocky or dirt. Their extreme comfort makes them the perfect footwear for hiking and trekking in three seasons of the year.