Equipos esenciales para una noche de camping en la montaña

Essential equipment for a night of camping in the mountains

Whether in the mountains or at the beach, camping has become one of the most popular activities to enjoy a few days with family or friends in the midst of nature. While it may sometimes seem like a slightly uncomfortable idea, if you bring the essential equipment for camping, it can be quite the opposite.

In this blog we will focus on everything you should bring to ensure a comfortable and incredible camping experience in the mountains. Let RRAT help you prepare for this new adventure!

The tent, your home for a few days

Having a good roof to shelter from is essential to be able to rest comfortably. Therefore, when buying a tent, we must take into account our needs.

You must choose the right size, so knowing the number of people who will use the tent is essential. Typically, tents have sizes up to a maximum of 8 people. Likewise, we also have to decide if we want it to be a 2-season, 3-season or 4-season tent.

2-season tents are the most used in high temperatures. Thanks to the thin and breathable materials, they offer greater freshness inside the tent. Likewise, its waterproof fabrics also protect against summer storms.

If what you are looking for is a tent to use in spring/autumn, 3-season tents are the ones for you. Being made of slightly thicker materials, they protect from lower temperatures and provide greater coverage in the event of a storm.

For high mountain climates, 4-season tents are recommended. Made with more resistant materials that provide greater protection against rain and wind.

Other features that should be taken into account when choosing the perfect tent are:

  • Weight: A light or ultralight tent will be the best travel companion in case you decide to take a route and carry the tent from the beginning, since the weight we will have to carry will be less.
  • Material: We don't want our tent to break in a single use, right? Choosing a quality and resistant material is essential for a better camping experience. In addition to taking into account the degree of breathability and waterproofing that is desired.

Comfort even in the most uncomfortable terrain

Although many people prefer to carry mats to take up less space in their backpacks, we recommend inflatable mattresses, there will be no comparison in comfort!

The difference between sleeping with one of these mattresses, or sleeping without anything, is very simple. In addition to the fact that the mattress is more comfortable and will allow you to rest much better, sleeping with something that separates you from the ground will insulate you from the cold at night.

Although we all know that in summer it is better to go lightly dressed, the sleeping bag is still very important when going camping, since no matter how good the weather is, it gets cool at night and it is essential that it protects us from the cold and insects! Of course, it doesn't have to be very thick.

Utensils for a starlight dinner

Being able to cook in the middle of nature is quite a challenge if you don't have “the tools” necessary to do it.

First of all, we must be clear about the easiest foods to carry and cook while camping without spoiling. These should be products that do not require a refrigerator, such as rice, pasta or even precooked legumes. But how do I cook it? Well, there are two options. The first would be to get a portable gas stove, although if you are not crazy about the idea of ​​gas you can opt for the other option, which would be an electric stove.

We also cannot forget to bring a mini tableware kit (glass or plastic, as preferred) that contains cutlery, glasses, plates and a small pot to cook with. Don't forget the napkins!

Staying hydrated is essential, and even more so in hot climates. So carrying a small portable refrigerator will help you keep your drinks cool for a longer period of time. Who likes to drink hot water or soft drinks? A cool drink after a mountain route will make it a TOP experience!

RRat’s, a versatile footwear for your adventures

Another basic that you cannot leave at home is comfortable and appropriate footwear. For these hot days we recommend the RRAT's Y-Mountain, ideal for the most difficult terrain. With its @Vibram sole, you can enjoy your walk through nature comfortably and without worrying about the difficulty of the terrain.

This sandal moves away from sports sandal standards to give you comfort, stability and grip with every step. The Y-Mountain RRats will adapt to all types of environments, from technical trails and mountain hikes to practicing any water sport. Sounds good? When you try them they will become essential for your getaways!

Small items to spend a night camping in the mountains

You already have the basics under control, but there are also small items that we cannot leave out of the suitcase when preparing to spend a night camping in the mountains.

When the sun goes down, surely more than one insect will want to join the meeting. Being prepared for the occasion will save us from the odd encounter. Mosquito repellents will be a 'must' on your getaway. There are different formats of repellents: Spray, bracelets or bars.

If you or one of your companions has atopic skin or is allergic to the components of the spray or stick, there is the option of patches. Although it is not the most common method, patches with mosquito repellent action are the best allies for people who cannot use other formats. These stick to clothing, so there is no contact with the skin.

If you plan to go explore the mountains at night, we recommend bringing a flashlight with you, but make sure it has fresh batteries and won't leave you stranded in the dark. However, if you are going to stay all night near the tent, an LED lamp will be perfect to be able to do everything you want (read, cook, etc.) at night.


Prepare your luggage with these tips and spend the best night in the mountains surrounded by nature!