El Black Friday más sostenible llega a RRAT’s Outdoor

The most sustainable Black Friday comes to RRAT's Outdoor

We take advantage of them for Christmas shopping, to treat ourselves or to give a gift to our friends or family and at RRAT's we don't want to miss it. We are talking about the biggest “event” of the year, the craziest sales of the season, we are talking about Black Friday!

However, we have decided to revolutionize this day, so we have prepared a more sustainable Black Friday. This way we help the environment at the same time that you enjoy some new RRAT's sandals, what do you think?

Sustainable Black Friday What is RRAT's proposal?

Black Friday is a unique opportunity for many, but the negative effect it has on the environment is usually not taken into account. Yes, buying during this time means more production of products to supply all needs, extra work hours and many more carriers to ensure orders arrive on time.

This has a significant impact on our planet, as the emissions from burning fuel multiply, and much more energy than usual is expended in production. Therefore, we encourage your purchases to benefit both you and the planet.

Therefore, at RRAT's we have decided that we are going to donate 10% of all purchases made on November 24, 2023 to the Global Nature Foundation. This is how we help you, who will surely use your new RRAT's or socks, and the environment.

All about the Global Nature Foundation

Global Nature is a non-profit foundation dedicated 100% to the protection of nature. Their work includes the conservation of habitats and species, the sustainability of the agri-food sector and corporate sustainability. In addition, they have also dedicated themselves to restoring and conserving wetlands, which are very important in the conservation of biodiversity, directly benefiting around 100 Spanish wetlands.

RRAT’s and their commitment to the environment

At RRAT's, we are committed to local production in the Mediterranean area in order to have the maximum possible control and quality. At the same time as increasing national employment. Why? Because the RRAT's project is inspired by the famous Montserrat mountain, so from the beginning, we decided that our products should be from the earth.

In addition, we have done everything possible to make our mountain sandals eco-friendly, so many of the materials are biodegradable or can be recycled as many times as desired, such as polypropylene.

In RRAT's, we can find polypropylene in the foot fastening straps. As mentioned before, it is a material that can be recycled and used to make other tapes or products. Its recycling process consists of washing, crushing and melting the material to obtain small grains of plastic and converting them into the desired object. While used polypropylene can be recycled about five times, it can always be mixed with new polypropylene to increase the recycling cycle.

Furthermore, Vibram, the brand of soles we use at RRAT's, states that at least 60% of the energy used in the production of its products, including socks, is derived from renewable sources to contribute to environmental conservation.

Leaving aside the production and materials of the sandals, it is also worth noting that RRAT's is an official member of “1% for the Planet”, an association in which all companies that are a part donate 1% of their annual profits to the organization.

What is “1% for the Planet”?

1% for the Planet is an association between companies that allocate 1% of their annual profits to environmental causes. Their mission is to help the planet together, since to produce all the materials to create the products we use resources extracted from the earth, so why not return the favor?

All the companies that are part of this project have the purpose of inspiring and raising awareness among future generations to achieve a greener and healthier planet.

So go ahead and buy your next RRAT's this Black Friday and do your bit to help the environment!