¿Qué puedo regalar para Navidad a un senderista? La guía definitiva de RRAT’s

What can I give a hiker for Christmas? The definitive RRAT's guide

At RRAT's, we love Christmas, and we understand that choosing the perfect gift can be a challenge. Sometimes, you're not sure what to buy for that special person or if they'll like it. In this blog, we'll suggest a few ideas to help you find the right gift. Let's get started!

A backpack to store all the essentials

We all know that, in order to go on a hiking route, you cannot go without all the necessary material, be it water, food, hat, etc. So giving a good backpack for these excursions will be a sure success. Of course, it cannot be just any backpack. It must have features that offer greater comfort for hiking in the mountains.

The first consideration is the weight and size of the backpack; lighter is better. We don't want to add extra weight when there's already a load of equipment! Additionally, the size should allow for carrying all necessary items without leaving excessive space or requiring everything to be tightly squeezed in.

Furthermore, it's crucial for the backpack to feature a zipper closure to prevent water from seeping in. Adjustable straps are a must, and the backpack should have grips on both the shoulders and abdomen. This ensures that the weight is distributed evenly and doesn't concentrate on a single point.

Technical outdoor clothing

Another crucial factor to consider when embarking on a mountainous route is clothing. The experience can significantly vary depending on what you wear, as the weather can have a considerable impact on us.

Given the unpredictable weather, we recommend providing some variety in clothing—both for winter and summer conditions. The most recommended material for both scenarios is wool. It retains body heat in cold weather and keeps the body cool in the heat, making it perfect for all temperatures.

A windbreaker and a raincoat also make excellent gifts for hiking enthusiasts. Sudden storms or strong winds can occur at any moment, so it's essential to keep the body as dry as possible and shielded from powerful gusts to protect against the elements and prevent potential illnesses due to exposure to rain and wind.

Footwear, a crucial element

We all agree that wearing quality mountain shoes is essential for walking freely and comfortably without worrying about the terrain. Being in our element, we want to recommend specific RRAT's footwear for different occasions.

For those who enjoy high mountain routes in humid and technical areas, the ideal choice is RRAT's Y-Mountain mountain sandals. This model features a 16mm sole with three densities, providing cushioning and traction. It also includes Vibram Megalugs rubber, known for its durability, excellent grip on challenging terrain, and adaptability to various footprints, among other benefits.

We also have the RRAT's Y-Gravel sandals and the RRAT's Y-Minimal sandals, both similar but with different features that can make a big difference for each adventurer.

The RRAT's Y-Gravel sandals are crafted for versatile terrains, excluding extremely technical surfaces. The use of high-quality recyclable materials, including fastening tapes, ensures an effective and durable grip on the foot. Notably, its Vibram Claw sole is made with 60% renewable energy. Key technical features include comfort, traction, impermeability, and adhesion.

Lastly, we present the RRAT's Y-Minimal sandals, designed for barefoot enthusiasts. The most significant difference lies in the sole thickness, exceptionally thin to allow you to feel every element beneath your step. It shares the Vibram Claw sole with RRAT's Y-Gravel but offers greater flexibility while walking due to its thinner profile. With a Drop 0, like the other models, it ensures plantar comfort.

Small accessories for the adventure

Hiking is not all about specialized shoes, backpacks, poles, etc. There are also accessories that go unnoticed that can make a difference, whether to protect yourself from the sun the cold or to carry food and/or drinks comfortably.

Although in winter it may seem that the sun does not burn as hot as in summer, the truth is that it is still just as harmful, which is why we 100% recommend wearing a cap wherever you go. Likewise, continuing with winter routes, we have to highlight the use of good socks to avoid getting cold feet. In this case, we will talk to you about the Vibram 5TOE Wool Socks and the Vibram 5TOE No Show Socks.

The primary distinction between the two socks lies in their height—some are high, while others are low. Therefore, it ultimately comes down to the consumer's preference, as their characteristics are virtually identical. Both are crafted from Merino wool, offering a slim fit, arch compression, and flexible toes.

Our final gift recommendation for hikers is versatile for all seasons and routes. Can you guess what it is? A canteen! But not just any canteen; these are compact and can be rolled up once empty. Surprisingly common, these canteens are essentially silicone bottles that can be molded to take up minimal space inside a backpack.

That wraps up RRAT's adventurous gift recommendations! We trust that this guide has been helpful, ensuring you hit the mark with your gift selection.