Mejores rutas de Senderismo Costa Brava

The best hiking routes for Costa Brava lovers

Who wouldn't want to enjoy a great weekend surrounded by incredible landscapes on the Costa Brava? At RRAT's, we want you to discover the best scenery, so we have prepared a guide with the finest hiking trails on the Costa Brava.

This blog will also reveal special spots for capturing the best photos, restaurants full of history, and some tips to make your journey the best possible experience. Sounds good? Pack your backpack, the best hiking sandals, and water because we are about to embark on the routes you can't miss this summer.

What is the Camí de Ronda, and where does it start?

The Camí de Ronda is a coastal route that combines mountains, hiking, and sea – perfect for nature lovers! It stretches along the Costa Brava from north to south, starting from Portbou and ending in Blanes.

If you want to spend a few days surrounded by nature while hiking and enjoying breathtaking views, we recommend taking on the over 200km-long Camí de Ronda. However, if you prefer shorter routes to discover dreamy landscapes along the Costa Brava, they are also available – ideal for a day out with family or friends! You can start from S'Agaró and come across locations featured in the iconic movie "Suddenly, Last Summer," starring the great Elizabeth Taylor, explore the cove of Sa Tuna surrounded by old fishermen's houses, and much more!

Get dressed, put on your RRAT's, and embark on the most beautiful hiking route on the Costa Brava.

How long does it take to complete the Camí de Ronda?

To traverse the Camí de Ronda from start to finish takes around 3 to 4 days, as it also depends on the stops made, the time spent in each locality, and the pace maintained during the hike.

There is also the option of doing different sections of the Camí de Ronda without completing the entire route. In this case, you can find sections that take about 6 hours, such as the one from Palamós to Calella de Palafurgell, others that take approximately 2 hours, like the one from Port de la Selva to Llançà, and other sections ranging from 4 hours to 50 minutes of travel time. This provides the flexibility to tailor the experience according to preferences and the available time. 

What to bring on the hiking routes of the Costa Brava?

Although it is a relatively easy route, it is essential to come prepared to enjoy a day of hiking and complete it fully.

It is not a very technical hiking trail, so specialized high-mountain footwear is not required. We recommend wearing RRAT's Y-Gravel. With them, you can walk both on the mountain paths of the Camí de Ronda and on the sandy beaches and coves you will encounter during the journey.

Whether you plan to complete the entire route or do small sections of the Costa Brava, we advise carrying a backpack with a capacity of at least 20L. In it, it's essential to pack provisions such as water bottles, a canteen, and small snacks to recharge your energy.  Remember to bring a mini first aid kit with band-aids, gauze, and disinfectant to clean potential wounds.

While the Camí de Ronda can also be hiked in winter, we prefer to enjoy it in the summer. Therefore, a swimsuit and a towel (preferably quick-drying) are necessary for this adventure. A hat and sunglasses will be essential for sun protection, but even more important will be sunscreen - we don't want to return home with sunburned skin!

Whether you choose the long or short route, having a map of the Camí de Ronda and a fully charged mobile phone will help you navigate in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

What is the most beautiful stretch of the Camí de Ronda?

There are many charming landscapes along the route, but without a doubt, one of the most beautiful stretches of the Camí de Ronda is the one that goes from Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar.

This section, which passes through some of the most beautiful coves on the Costa Brava, takes approximately 3 hours to complete. It begins at Sa Caleta, a fishing cove ideal for scuba diving due to its visual appeal. Continuing past the Iberian settlement of Turó Rodó, you can enjoy Cala dels Frares or Cala Sa Tortuga, a cove that is less frequented due to its difficult access and its location far from the center of Lloret de Mar.

Further on, after passing through beautiful coves such as Cala Llevadó or Cala Moltó, you can enjoy incredible views from the viewpoint of Tossa de Mar.

Another of the most beautiful sections of the Costa Brava is the one that goes from Playa del Golfet to Llafranc, a journey of about 45 minutes - perfect for going with the little ones! It passes through Punta dels Forcats and Ses Negres and the beaches of Port Pelegrí and Port Bo.

S’Agaró, a cinematic town

In the 1950s, Elisabeth Taylor landed in S’Agaró during the filming of the movie "Suddenly, Last Summer," enjoying the beach of Sa Conca and posing for the iconic image in a white swimsuit.

The luxury hotel La Gavina, located along a trail, was chosen by Taylor for her stay in S’Agaró. At the end of the trail, beyond the hotel, you will find a viewpoint that offers incredible views of the beach and the town.

In addition to its history and views, S’Agaró is well-known for its gastronomy. So, if you want a sea view while enjoying your plate of oysters or paella, we recommend visiting "La Taverna del Mar." On the other hand, if you prefer a classic, romantic, and elegant experience, we suggest going to the Restaurant Candlelight by Romain Fornell.