Nueva colección RRAT’s 2024: ¡Descubre los puntos clave!

New RRAT's 2024 collection: Discover the key points!

The new 2024 collection of RRAT's sandals has arrived with a bang, packed with novelties. We've listened to you and have made our beloved mountain sandals even more top-notch and versatile.

Do you want to know all the news and improvements of the RRAT's? Keep reading and discover the new colors, shapes, and features of the sandals!

Renewed aesthetic

At first glance, we can already see that the RRAT's Y-Mountain and Y-Gravel differ from last season's models. However, these changes have also been incorporated into the new models, the RRAT's T-Outdoor and T-Minimal, which we will discuss later.

The first notable change we can observe is in the sole. A pattern has been added throughout, which not only gives the sandal a modern and fresh style but also provides better grip for our foot. Additionally, the front part of the sole has been slightly enlarged to provide more freedom for the toes.

Another change that has been made is with the labels. In previous models, they were made of fabric, but at RRAT's, we wanted to take a step further in quality without compromising sustainability, so the new labels are made of recycled PVC!

This material is perfect for offering the highest possible quality to the user while being sustainable at the same time, as its recycling saves energy and natural resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and prevents the generation of toxic waste.

New models and colors

In the RRAT's Outdoor team, we aim for versatility, ensuring that everyone has a sandal that suits their tastes and needs. That's why we've created the T model, specially designed for people who don't quite fit with toe-type sandals and seek greater freedom in their feet.

In this category, we have the RRAT's T-Outdoor: versatile, lightweight, and comfortable sandals, and the RRAT's T-Minimal: the best sandals for barefoot enthusiasts. Both mountain sandals feature the Vibram Claw sole, a rubber compound designed to provide excellent grip and traction on all types of surfaces.

The RRAT's T-Outdoor mountain sandals feature a sole with different densities. The first density has a thickness of 4mm and is made of low-density, non-slip EVA rubber, in addition to including new reliefs to increase this grip.

In the middle part of the sole, we have the 10mm medium-density EVA rubber with cushioning save, a component that provides optimal cushioning on all types of terrain. Finally, we have a durable, non-slip rubber, one of the best on the market, the Vibram Claw.

Now that you know a little more about the T-Outdoor, it's time to introduce the RRAT’s T-Minimal sandals, its most minimalist companion.

While they have similar components to the other sandals, the T-Minimal features a sole with 2 different densities. The first one is the 4m/m EVA rubber with cushioning save, non-slip properties, and relief to increase grip on our foot. The last density has a thickness of 4m/m and is specially designed to step on all types of terrain without worries; we're talking about Vibram Claw rubber.

On the other hand, another novelty for this season is that we've added the color black! Now you can choose between our classic straps in yellow, brown, gray, and the new black, a safe bet to match with all outfits.

The RRAT's T-Outdoor mountain sandals feature a sole with 3 different densities. The first density has a thickness of 4mm and is made of low-density, non-slip EVA rubber, in addition to including new reliefs to increase this grip.

3D straps, a secure hold

A good grip between the sandal and the foot is crucial for a perfect hiking experience, so at RRAT’s Outdoor, we continue to use the technology of 3D PP CSLN and 3D PP CSLN OLMP straps.

PP CSLN and CSLN OLMP promote a circular economy as they can be recycled indefinitely, aligning perfectly with our sustainability philosophy. Moreover, it's also easier to clean than cotton, repels water and moisture, and resists acids and alkalis, making it the perfect material for adventurers seeking to combine comfort with practicality and environmental consciousness.

Sustainability, our clincher

In addition to drawing inspiration, designing, and producing our sandals in the Mediterranean areaRRAT’s Outdoor is part of "1% for the Planet", an organization whose members donate 1% of their annual profits, with all funds raised directed towards environmental causes.

Why only 1%? "1% for the Planetis not just an organization; it's a global movement aiming to bring together companies, other organizations, and individuals to create a better world by each contributing their share.

It's not about having one single company donate the majority of funds, but about creating a community that wants the best for the planet and encourages everyone to contribute their part.


What do you think of the new additions for the 2024 season? Looking forward to breaking in your new RRAT’s?