Cómo elegir el calzado de montaña perfecto para tus aventuras

How to choose the perfect mountain footwear for your adventures

As a general rule, mountain footwear must be comfortable and adapt to the needs of each walker, thus avoiding unnecessary pain and discomfort. Although it is not the only thing that should be considered, here we leave you the tricks to choose the optimal mountain footwear for your outings.

In RRAT's Outdoors We know the importance of wearing suitable footwear on our adventures for a better experience. So we have made a list of the most essential characteristics the ideal mountain footwear should have. Ready? Let's go with it!

The grip, important inside and outside the shoe

Mountain shoes and sandals must have a tight grip, thus providing security when going through challenging terrain. We will focus on two types of grip, that of the foot and that of the sole.

First, we must consider the shoe's last and support to our foot. Not only should you choose your size well, but it is essential that the foot has space to move freely, thus avoiding unnecessary friction that can cause injuries. Likewise, footwear must be well attached to the foot, preventing it from being loose and creating discomfort when hiking in the mountains or other terrain.

RRAT's offer a perfect fit and support for the ankle, giving security and comfort when walking and a wide last for total freedom of the forefoot (without forgetting support).

Another fundamental point is the grip the sole has on the surface since the greater the grip, the greater the safety when walking. This must be suitable for all types of terrain, whether dry, wet, asphalt, etc. To do this, we must look at the design of the sole, quality, and depth.

At RRAT's Outdoor we assemble @Vibram soles, where quality and grip are the bases. Thus, if you are looking for footwear for more technical and difficult mountain terrain, you should opt for a sole with more tread or heel, such as the RRat's Y-Mountain sandal. If you are looking for a shoe for easy/medium terrain, the best will be a less aggressive and flatter sole like RRat's Y-Gravel.

Stability and cushioning for a perfect ride

In our mountain adventures, it is easy to stumble or step on the wrong foot and fall. It has happened to all of us! That is why it is essential to have footwear that protects us on all terrains and is suitable for all surfaces. That is the job of the sole and the midsole, and its effectiveness will depend on its rigidity and quality.

If we talk about high-quality soles, we can name Vibram, a benchmark in the market. But why is this sole so successful? Well, this is because they have developed a rubber compound for each occasion, adapting the needs of each user in one place. In addition, the sole tread is another element that has made Vibram number one in this sector since the mountain footwear has a stud design that allows the sole to clean dirt and mud by itself. 

Among the advantages of these soles is durability, a characteristic for which they are highly recognized and loved. With a shoe with a Vibram sole, you can go for walks in the mountains, hiking, or any activity every day without worrying about its wear.

Apart from all soles' ease of cleaning, another crucial point is sustainability. Vibram is 100% committed to the environment, which is why its "Sustainable Path" production reports that it produces approximately 60% renewable energy.

Comfort, above all

Although the above points are essential when choosing the ideal mountain footwear, we do not have to leave comfort aside since we cannot enjoy our daily adventures without it.

At RRAT's Outdoor we consider all the factors that this entails, so first of all, we recommend knowing what type of footwear best suits you for the activity you want to do. Since we want to accompany you in all your exploits, we have designed mountain sandals, your best allies on the hottest days.

These sandals promise to give you comfort and security on all terrains. If you want a sandal to go to more demanding mountain terrain, the best option is the RRat's Y- Mountain sandals. A sporty sandal produced under strict sustainability criteria has the Rubber Vibram Megalugs sole. Its sole presents the well-known "Megagrip" material, which provides an excellent grip on dry and wet terrain.

Suppose you prefer a sandal for more daily use but with the ability to provide you with security and stability on all terrains. In that case, your perfect companions will be the RRat's Y-Gravel . They're sandals with Rubber Vibram Claw soles, resistant and non-slip. Use them both in the city and in the mountains, and don't let anything stop you.

Vibram RRat's Outdoor Sole

All RRAT's models have features in common to offer greater comfort to the user. Its midsole, with 3 different densities, provides cushioning, grip, and comfort. Likewise, another significant factor of mountain sandals is that they have a wide last for free feet. Join the RRAT's phenomenon!

Make sure you choose your size well

Wearing the correct size of your mountain footwear is essential to avoid injuries, discomfort, or falls. That is why before buying your footwear you should look at the sizing of each brand since some will use a wider last, others thinner, or the length of the footwear may even vary a few centimeters.

To know the exact measurement of your feet and thus be able to compare it with the size table of the footwear you want, you can use a white piece of paper and mark the outline with a pencil while you step on it with your foot. Next, you only have to measure the width and length of your foot on the sheet of paper. It is advisable to perform this technique with both feet since the centimeters between them can vary.
Once you have chosen your size, check that your fingers have mobility, ensuring a better footprint and propulsion. Also, verify that the fit is adequate. Make sure that the footwear grips the foot well, being a firm grip but without causing pressure.